Episode 90 – Sixteen Tons

During this episode, we talk about contracting pay rates…

Due to their bad form filling out, I found out how much my contracting house is making off me.  I would like to ask for a raise based on the fact that they are making nearly 50% off me, which is nuts especially since I am not getting benefits right now through them. They are making so, so much profit, I figure they can send more my way. How would you start that discussion? I am not looking for a lot more, maybe $5 an hour (but I would take more), but I want to start it based on this information. I am not looking to change jobs, I really like being at this company, but I do not like feeling take advantage of (not quite the right sentiment, but I think you get it)? Help?

Don’t forget to read along with us as we will be discussing Radical Candor by Kim Scott in our next bookclub episode!