Episode 78 – The Shit Mobile

We’re back to single-question episodes with this one:

Recently I was speaking with several other leaders from my company and the subject of Glassdoor came up. One leader mentioned that he’d run into a former employee that hadn’t been happy with their experience at the company, and this person said “I should have paid attention to the Glassdoor reviews”. The former employee was right – our reviews are terrible, the complaints are legitimate, and the few good reviews sound forced and false. The suggestion from several others in the group of leaders was that we should ask several people who would leave favorable reviews to go on and do so. My take was that would feel just as false as the other positive reviews. What’s your take on this situation? Should the leadership ask people they know will leave positive reviews to do so? Wouldn’t actually paying attention to the criticism be a better strategy? We’re really hurting for resources right now.

As promised, Maddox’s rating of a children’s drawing of a fire truck!

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