Episode 76 – Short Questions, Part 1

Over the past several years, we’ve accumulated numerous questions that probably aren’t big enough to support an entire episode on their own, so, we bundled a bunch together and rocket through them in this two-part episode! The questions in this one are:

  1. How do you feel about start times/end times or set schedules?
  2. I am planning to quit my job, when do I tell my co-workers? Before or after my boss?
  3. Do you let your company put their software on your phone?
  4. Is it ever okay to say “if this happens I’ll quit”?
  5. I like my job but hate a coworker, is it okay to just tell my boss that?
  6. Is it possible to be as successful as a remote worker as a local one?

As promised, pictures of Dawn and her husband next to a tower!

Catch us next episode as we finish up the next set of short questions, and don’t forget to read Jenny Odell’s “How to do Nothing” along with us!