Episode 69 – Googleable

In this episode, we answer…

One of the goals assigned to me when I was hired at my current company is to train a new junior systems engineer so he can develop a broader skill set and gain some experience on the systems engineering side (he was performing desktop support duties previously). However, even though the Junior SE doesn’t have any experience in that area, he regularly argues with me about the “correct” way to do something. I feel that I spend more time arguing with the junior guy than actually implementing new things and managing the environment. I’m not sure how to handle this. I’m willing to teach, but it’s challenging to teach when you’re constantly being questioned about if your way is correct or not, especially by someone with no experience in the field.

What should I do? My manager has addressed this type of behavior in the past with the JSE, and we’ve both talked to him directly about these issues, but it keeps happening.