Episode 48 – Inappropriate Punishments

This episode’s question is:

I have an employee who is unhappy with changes that are being made in the company, and has been very vocal about it. About 2 months ago he informed me in a one-on-one that he was actively looking for a new job. Since then I’ve had incidents where I’ve had to speak to him about bad mouthing the company and its direction while he’s still here. Also, whenever something happens that he doesn’t like he says “Well, I guess it’s time for me to really start looking!” I know he’s been interviewing and he’s been passed over for at least one job. How do I handle this situation? He’s got a lot of knowledge and is doing his job (now), but he’s still not providing a lot of value. Complicating things is we’re having a hard time finding and hiring new software engineers, so we really do need all hands on deck right now and I’m not getting a lot of help or direction from HR on this.