Episode 32 – Serially Fired

This episode’s question (bear with us, it’s long…):

I’ve been fired from my last 5 jobs, 3 of which have been in the last 9 months. Now I’m getting to the last point in interviews (3rd and at the end they really want to give me an offer letter) and not heard anything from potential offers since. Including silence when I’ve tried contacting them via email. The reasons for my firings were as follows:

  • In the role of a Software Engineer: I got fired after 3 months for not learning fast enough.
  • In my next role as a Software Engineer at a small business: I got fired after my 30 day review in which my manager gave me glowing praise
  • In my next role as a Software Engineer: I got fired after working there close to 3 years. When asked why I was told, verbatim, “We are exercising our right as an at-will employer not to tell you”
  • In my next role, as a Lead Software Engineer and Project Manager at another small business: I got fired . This one I know why, I didn’t get along with the CEO’s micromanagement and working remote. I was set up for failure too many times
  • In my most recent role as a Scrum Master at a medium sized company: I got fired close to my 3 months. I was again given glowing praise and minor feedback on my 30 day review.

None of these companies will tell me what’s going on or give me anything to work on and improve upon. Do you have any advice? Please…..I don’t know what to do or how to improve.

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