Episode 3 – Passion

This episode’s question is:

Can you please lend advice as to how a person in the Leadership role can encourage the passions of a team, (as a whole, and as individuals) while ensuring emotion based actions are not the end result? Recently I’ve had numerous team members confusing the passion for a project with their own emotionally based actions within the project.

Example: Some team members have disliked decisions [I have] made, and in their protests of the decisions, acted from emotions, throwing forth behavior that could be considered immature; [things like] “I will quit if you don’t agree. This is who I am and how I act. It’s passionate, which you said is, good!” How [do I] put forth the concept of passion for the project versus individually based emotions?

The talk referenced and grossly misattributed was “Passion is 💩” by Jay Harris.

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